Tales of an ignorant wine enthusiast – Part II

If you read Tales of an ignorant wine enthusiast, you’ll know we’ve been trying out The Tasting Room wine club. We enjoyed our tasting box of 6 mini bottles and now know what our collective palettes enjoy, eagerly awaiting our first proper shipment.

One of the nice things about Tasting Room is that you can switch out wines before sending, without restriction. There was a white blend that was part of our tasting box that we didn’t really care for, so switched for a Chenin Blanc. A big bottle of the Paso Robles Merlot we enjoyed was also on the list, then we entrusted the algorithm to select our remaining 4. We ended up with the following:

  • NV Redd BDX Columbia Redd Valley
  • 2014 Compass Point Paso Robles Merlot
  • 2015 El Barrio Chile Cabernet
  • 2015 Vin Du Jour Vin de Pays d’Oc Merlot
  • 2014 Triskelian Claskburg Chenin Blanc
  • 2015 Abuela Dolores Albariño Rías Baixas

Let’s start drinking…

Requiring an adult to sign for the package, our local UPS driver was smart enough to attempt delivery after 5pm. If you work strange hours and rarely see the delivery truck this is an important thing to remember if considering joining! The wines arrived well packaged, though not sure how well they would keep if driven around the baking Las Vegas desert all day come summer.

img_3817As with the tasting bottles, the idea is to continuously rate the wines so that your preferences are remembered for future shipments. The website also provides helpful tasting notes and paring ideas. Long gone are the days of simply paring steak with red wine and fish with white. Long gone are the days of randomly stating berries when trying to decipher notes. This is serious now.

We tried the Redd Valley first, being told to expect flavors like coffee and blueberry pie. I like those things, what could go wrong? Well, to this day it was only the second beverage I’ve not been able to finish (the first probably merits a blog post all of its own). I can’t even describe how bad it was, it was that bad.

We knew what we were getting with the Compass Point Merlot, and the others were drinkable, though not outstanding. The jury is still deliberating but fear a decision will be made soon – we’re going to await our next shipment of 12 bottles before probably cancelling. At around $180/shipment, bottles work out to be about $15 apiece, you should be able to yield better results gambling on grocery store selections.

I’m learning a lot, and thus far Tasting Room has really helped me identify what I don’t like in a wine. Now I just have to work out what I do.