This is Not a New Years Resolution

As I am writing this I am sipping on a glass of wine and just ordered Chinese takeout. I have a love/hate relationship with making New Years resolutions; in one way it makes the person accountable to accomplishing their goals, whether it be losing weight, making better decisions at work or reaching out to family members more often. On the other side, when you don’t follow through with your list of resolutions, you feel like a failure. I cringe whenever someone asks me, “What are your resolutions for the new year?”, I always give them the same response, of “oh, I haven’t really thought of any yet, been too busy enjoying the holidays”. That always seems to defuse the situation and I can take a sigh of relief.

As anyone that knows me knows, I can never turn away an invite to try out the latest bar, or a cool new restaurant that has yet to reach the masses of what would soon to be labeled as the cool new hotspot to try. Or, even after a rough day at work, opening up a bottle of wine and then pressing play on the latest Netflix original. Needless to say, my normal lifestyle of the aforementioned, mixed in with the non stop social gatherings from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years Eve, racks up my stock in the antacid department, restless sleep and bloating for days. My story is not any different then the other millions of people that want to get healthier in the new year. After copious amounts of wine, cocktails, charcuterie, heavy sauces, creamy desserts, etc., my body is actually craving a fresh change. Instead of ordering that filet with bordelaise, my body is craving crunchy raw vegetables, steamed fish and herbal teas.


Tom and I have declared to detox for the month of January – eating clean and attempting to keep it mostly vegetarian/pescatarian. I’d like to call what we’re doing a “sophisticated detox”- eating clean, and using fresh ingredients to enhance natural flavors, with the occasional glass of wine to compliment this clean palette of food that we have just prepared. We’ve already come up with a general plan of foods to prepare for meals and are genuinely looking forward to it. The only concern is if we do not prep our food at the beginning of the week, this may be doomed for failure- but that’s OK because this isn’t a resolution right? Once the work week gets started, I know personally it’s the last thing I want to do when I get home- to prep, cook, wait and then eat. And then there’s the dishes!

I know that there will be some slips and the occasional cheat meal here and there, but I’m OK with that. The bottom line is getting rid of all of the processed junk that I have been ingesting for the past month that my body has slowly started to cry out for relief. I’m excited to start eating healthier with the challenge of keeping our food at the level we are accustomed, however my takeout just arrived and my glass is low, I’ll start tomorrow.