A Little Rock n’ Wine

My love of rock n’ roll combined with my love of wine? It’s a match made in Heaven if you ask me. As one of Tom’s Christmas gifts, I decided to treat us for one of the last showings before they officially closed their doors of one of my favorite musicals Rock of Ages, located at the Rio Las Vegas. A great musical that intertwines the best 80’s glam rock and hair metal songs of the decade set to a backdrop of musicians trying to make it big on the Sunset Strip.

True to form, we wanted to have a pre show drink and possibly some food, so Tom did a little investigating and came across this wonderful hidden gem that was actually located within the Rio – the Wine Cellar & Tasting Room. As soon as we found it, tucked away towards the back of the casino, we walked down a stone staircase, where I held onto the handrail for dear life as I was wearing heels, and came upon a beautiful area of individual tasting rooms for private parties (next dinner party idea perhaps?). We took a quick left and had the option of taking a seat either at the bar or in the lounge area, which would have been great as well, but opted for the bar so we get more acquainted with what they were offering with the staff.

My love of rock n’ roll combined with my love of wine? It’s a match made in Heaven if you ask me.

The Wine Cellar & Tasting Room offers tasting flights of some of the best wines out there, those that are not typically offered by the glass. They offer 100 different types of wines by the glass and showcase over 10,000 bottles. Wines from the New and Old World, wines from the Alsace, Chambertin, Loire Valley regions, Marlborough to Paso Robles to name a few. Got $95,000? Go ahead and order that 1985 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, they have it.

As we sat down at the bar we were greeted by Jose, one of the wine stewards who provided us the flight menu. They offer many different options for flights ranging from $45-$100 per flight, which would give you 3-5 glasses pending which flight you chose. I elected to order Flight 11, which was a collection of Syrah’s and Shiraz’s, Tom ordered Flight 19, a mix of old world white and red.

Flight 11 “Syrah, Shiraz? :Tomato, Tomahto?”

  • Australia, The Ball Buster 2012
  • Paso Robles, L’Aventure Optimus 2012
  • Australia, Mollydooker “Boxer” 2014
  • Paso Robles, Justin “Isosceles” 2012 (I requested a tasting of this because I absolutely love it, however this was in lieu of Southern Rhone, Chateau La Nerthe Chateaunuf du-Pape 2011, since Tom already had this tasting)

Flight 19 “Lita’s Tongue Tickler”

  • Loire Valley, Comte Lafond Sancerre 2014
  • Alsace, Trimbach Reserve Pinot Gris 2012
  • White Burgundy, Bouchard Beaune Clos St. Landry 2012
  • Red Burgundy, Maison Roche De Bellene, Gevrey-Chambertin 2011
  • Southern Rhone, Chateau La Nerthe Chateaunuf-du-Pape2011


Our eyes widen and mouths curved into a smile like a child watching their mother take out warm cookies from the oven. As Jose set up the glasses in front of the bottles and began to pour, our excitement heightened and we were ready to begin. We tasted one by one fully encapsulating each wine and just enjoying being in the moment. Smelling the aromas and savoring the complexity of flavors. We ordered a cheese and charcuterie platter that was recommended according to our flights which, given the amount of wine we had was just enough to keep us satiated throughout the show.

It was perfect timing, just as we were wrapping up our tasting, it was almost showtime. We settled the bill and said goodbye to our new friends and made our way back up the daunting winding staircase to the casino floor and onto the theater. Here we were, just having experienced a great almost unknown hideaway located in a casino experiencing wonderful wines, and we were getting ready to trade that experience for Bartles and Jaymes and rock n’ roll high kicks. We were ready to rock.